Daily Learning - Day 16

Date: 7th February 2017

Below are the topics i learnt today..

Topic 1: Email Server Test

Today, I saw an interesting Email. It looks like:  support@tv&s.com

I was sure, it will not work. As i remember, I have read RFC 2822 Internet Message Format 3 years ago.

Reference: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2822

Although, I thought to test the email server.

Used a Free Online Email Server Test. (There is no specific reason for choosing this tool - Google has provided it)

Reference:  https://www.ultratools.com/tools/emailTest 

Entered the email address and Sent for Checking.

And Tried another Valid Email Address and It looks like this.

Note: If some one provides the SMTP Email Address. Make sure you test it without sending an email. 

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