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Search with Special Characters : 502 Server Error ?

I’ve been a bit busy lately with work and Weekend Testing, Learning new concepts and trying to learn more. Hence the lack of updates on my blog. 

Recently, I had a conversation with testers on twitter:

Thanks  to Santhosh Tuppad and Teemu Vesala...for sharing your thoughts.

I wanted this conversation as-is because, it can help others and me - whenever i find these kind of errors.

Happy Thanksgiving day to all my blog followers...

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Do you know? Which is Fastest Webpage .....

Now a days, Web Performance is most talked and Speed of Web Page is treated essential feature to be considered. 

We visit many websites and Have you thought: which is the fastest webpage? 


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Displaying Script Errors on webpage

Open Internet explorer -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Enable "Display a notification of every script error"

This will show "Script Errors" on the page load. - Which are High Priority.

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Front-End Performance Testing Tools.

There are many Front-End Performance Testing tools. As the list goes by, I will update it in this mind map.

Here's the mindmap in PDF.

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