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How to Open JMeter in Command line mode ... ?

I am trying to open JMeter in CMD line mode:

C:/JMETER_HOME/BIN> jmeter -n -t FirstLoadTest.jmx  

The file which is in "examples of Bin" folder. -->> It didn't work.

But when the moved the file to Bin folder - "It worked"...

* I have read the documentation:

But they have not mentioned about this..

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A Day between a Developer and a Tester

I think, in every organisation - there would be talks about Developer vs Tester and we have seen many cartoons on it.

Here is one scenario, which is common between teams.

I suppose Developer with "David" and Tester as "Tony". These two persons have two years of experience in their respective roles.

A day appeared, Tony logs a bug in bug triage based on the thinking, how system or application under test can fail and proceeds to next steps.

Next moment, David marks as Not a Bug.

Tony then meets David, and asks why did you mark it as "Not a Bug" and provide a justification for it.

"Fight as if you were right and listen as if you were wrong" - Teamwork

David, then says: Its not mentioned in Requirements.

Yes, Requirements are source of Knowledge, to learn about the product based on the stakeholder ideas.

But Tony uses Critical thinking to recognize the problem.

David, then says: Who told you think Critical, was it written out in requirements ?

Tony Answers: Oracle.

"Its not about Oracle - Database" 

David asks: What is this Oracle?
An Oracle is a principle or mechanism used to compare and evaluate the product against the requirement to recognize the problem.

"Every problem cant be taken from requirements but Critical thinking can help to use Oracles to Recognize the problem"

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HeartBleed - A bleed attack to Internet applications

HEARTBLEED - is recent trending topic in the Technology Industry and fear flies to companies developing internet applications having https / OpenSSL - encryption bug.

As per NSA (National Security Agency) has mentioned, it warned intelligence about the HeartBleed a few months back.

Here is a tool Test Your Server for HeartBleed

What to do - If it is attacked ?

As a user : You need to contact your hosting service and say, I care about security.

As a company: Send the info immediately to system administrator - some thing is wrong !

As a System Administrator: Do a Patch for OpenSSL and change your certificates, if needed.

To know more in detail:

Attend this webinar by Security System Engineer - Nick Sullivan : He is current working for CloudFlare, ex-Apple , ex-Symantec.

The Heartbleed bug: what is it and how to protect your site?  -- Register Here

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Bug Reporting on 'Bug Zilla'

Bug Reporting is very important for testers. To Track, Manage the bugs,
BugZilla  is popular, web-based bug reporting testing tool.  

When i first looked into it, i got to know its an Open source from Mozilla. I have seen many organizations adopted the BugZilla as a bug tracking tool for their projects.
Current Version: Bugzilla 4.4.2 - This shows, how much it evolved since its inception year 1998.

I have used only two tools for reporting the bugs: Microsoft Excel and Eventum.
So, I thought, i should try how it works. 

Thanks to  Landfill: The Bugzilla Test Server .  

Landfill is home of test installations, to try out Bugzilla online. 

Online documentation from Bugzilla helps to learn how to explore.

Thanks for Terry Weissman - Original Inventor of BugZilla.

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