HeartBleed - A bleed attack to Internet applications

HEARTBLEED - is recent trending topic in the Technology Industry and fear flies to companies developing internet applications having https / OpenSSL - encryption bug.

As per NSA (National Security Agency) has mentioned, it warned intelligence about the HeartBleed a few months back.

Here is a tool Test Your Server for HeartBleed

What to do - If it is attacked ?

As a user : You need to contact your hosting service and say, I care about security.

As a company: Send the info immediately to system administrator - some thing is wrong !

As a System Administrator: Do a Patch for OpenSSL and change your certificates, if needed.

To know more in detail:

Attend this webinar by Security System Engineer - Nick Sullivan : He is current working for CloudFlare, ex-Apple , ex-Symantec.

The Heartbleed bug: what is it and how to protect your site?  -- Register Here

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