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Daily Learning - Day 11

Date: 29th January 2017

Below are the topics i learnt today..

Topic 1: Who is Agile Tester?
  • Everyone on Agile Team is a Tester And Agile tester is a team member who drives agile testing.
  • Agile Testers tend to have good technical skills along with exploratory skills.
  • Agile Testers should collaborate with Technical, Business, Customers to understand the Customer's Software Requirements.
Agile Testing Mind-Set
  • Agile Tester is not a Quality Gatekeeper.
  • Agile Tester works with customer , product owner to gather and share information - so customer gets the features they needed.
  • Successful projects are result of good people allowed to do good work with a discipline, time, learning, experimentation and working together.
  • Agile Testing Mindset is a result-oriented, craftsman like collaborative, eager to learn, passionate about delivering business value in timely manner.
Agile Principles and Values


  • In Agile development, whole team takes responsibility for delivering high quality software that delights customer and make business profitable.

Agile Testers Be Part of the Team - End of each iteration, Minimum Viable Testing should be Completed

Reference Book To Read:  Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams

Topic 2: Weekend Testing

  • After long time, I am attending Weekend Testing India. Today's session was on "Mobile App Testing: Expense Log - Android"
  • Task is to complete at least 5 end to end scenarios and also report any bugs or suggestions to the app owner
  • Below is my testing report using Mind Map.

(Click on Image to View in New Window)

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Daily Learning - Day 10

Was busy in Personal Life, Back on Daily Learning after two weeks.

Date: 28th January 2017
Below are the topics i learnt today..

Agile Testing:

  • In Agile, Testing should be part of Agile development
  • How in industry, the stories are developed late - Due to this testing is done in the Rush at the end of sprint and not exploring the system by the testers
  • Automated testing is also not a feasible solution for stories, as if any changes done in the code by development team, the automation testers should re-work on the code earlier worked. This will become inefficient and expensive in long run.
  • In Sprint Table, There should not be "Test to be Done" column as: Stories is done only when "Dev+Test" is done.

Agile Testing should be done to prevent the bugs, while working together with developer. 

And Agile Manifesto says: Team is responsible for Quality. Not Just individual Testers.

Instead of Releasing all features and testing at the end like in waterfall, there could be "Releasing few modules for testing , test them and release for customer approval" - could be feasible as "feedback is faster.Developer could correct the code early"

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Daily Learning - Day 09

Date: 15th January 2017

Below are the topics i learnt today..

Topic 1: cURL - Installation & Testing

Download the Curl: 

Go to
Then click on selected downloads 64/32 bit files
Rename the file to Curl
and Extract it
Copy the Extract File to : C:\
Now, Curl folder displays inside C:\ Folder

Installing Certificate:
Go to
Then Download : cacert.pem
Rename the cacert.pem to curl-ca-bundle.crt

Add the curl folder path to your Windows PATH:
In the Start menu, right-click This PC and select More > Properties .

Note : In Windows 7, right-click Computer and select Properties .

Click Advanced System Settings .

In the Advanced tab, click the Environment Variables button on the lower right side.

Select the "Path" variable in System Variables , and click Edit .

In the Edit environment variable dialog box, click New and add the path to the curl.exe file. Example: C:\curl

Windows 7 : In the Variable Value textbox, append a semicolon to the value, followed by the path to the curl.exe file. Example: ;C:\curl

Keep clicking OK to accept the change and close the dialog box.

Testing the cURL Installation:
Go to CMD -> curl

This should display results

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Daily Learning - Day 08

Date: 14th January 2017

Below are the topics i learnt today..

Topic 1: CDN's - Content Delivery Networks

  • What is CDN - Content Delivery Network

  • What is use of CDN's over hosted Server.
  • What resources can be hosted on CDN's.
  • What is the response time of webpage when used resources from CDN
  • What is the response time of webpage when used resources from Single Hosted Server
  • What is distributed CDN's.
  • Advantages of Usage of CDN's 

  • Who are the providers for CDN's

  • How to know which website using CDN's.
Resource: To find out, what resources of webpage are from CDN.

Navigate to

Enter the URL of your site -
It will scan your full site and provide list of resources from website using CDN and CDN Names.

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Daily Learning - Day 07

Date: 13th January 2017

This week a new tool to explore and learn how i can use in testing work.

Topic 1: Charles Proxy - Basics
  • Why Use Charles Proxy?
  • What is in Charles Proxy Tool?
  • How to Install Charles Proxy ?
  • How to capture the browser requests from Charles Proxy?

Test 1: Google Analytics Debugging with Charles

  • Analyzing the data captured by Charles Proxy

Test 2: Google Analytics Measurement Protocol

  • What are the different protocols displaying in the response header and analyzing the protocols.

Topic 2: Can I Use 

  • This website is used to find the Compatibility Support of HTML5, CSS3, SVG, and other technologies in Various Browsers.

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Daily Learning - Day 06

Date: 11th January 2017

Below are the topics i learnt today..

Topic 1: HTTP Requests - Inline Images

  • What is Inline Images.
  • How to "Include Images inside the webpage" without individual HTTP Requests.
  • Data Type Pattern for Inline Images to include inside the webpage.
  • Drawbacks of using Inline Images on Web Browsers.
  • Drawbacks of using Inline Images impacting the Webpage Size.
  • Alternatives to use "Inline CSS Images" inside the External Stylesheet.
  • Advantages of "Inline CSS Images" over "Inline Images Inside the webpage".

Topic 2: HTTP Requests - Combined Scripts and Stylesheets

  • As Javascript and CSS are very important for Websites.
  • There are two ways of using "JS/CSS" 
  • Either - Inline method: Embed JS/CSS inside the Webpage (or) use of External JS/CSS 
  • The LESS the JS/CSS loading on Webpages (esp. Home Page) gives Good User Experience, Reduces HTTP Requests, Improves end user response time.
  • Combining all Stylesheets into 1 File and all CSS into 1 file , reduces the HTTP Requests from many to few. And Page loads much faster.
  • Drawbacks: Combining the JS/CSS to single file , can make growth in number of combinations. As Not all JS/CSS will be used in all pages.

Topic 3: Alexa Rankings - Sites Info

  • Example: Visit the website -
  • This provides website info including Global Rank, Rank in India/Country
  • Also lists : Bounce Rate, Daily Page Views per Visitor, Daily Time on Site, Search Traffic, Top Keywords
  • Bounce Rate: bounce rate is the rate at which the visitors leave your website without really examining what's it about or not completing a particular activity or transaction.
  • Higher the Bounce Rate , Bad Impact on Website
  • Daily Page Views per Visitor: site captures your visitors interest since a visitor who spends more time on your site and goes deeper inside will generate more page views than an visitor who just glanced at the home page and left.
  • Higher the Daily Page Views per Visitor , Good Impact from Website
  • Note: Although the data from accuracte / inaccurate, these metrics needs to be verified in your respective analytics tool.

Final Lesson :   Make FEWER HTTP REQUESTS to improve End User Experience.

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    Daily Learning - Day 05

    Date: 08th January 2017

    Below are the topics i learnt today..

    Topic 1: 
    Reading a Short Book from My Shelfari.
    • As its a Sunday, I thought to read a Short Book.
    • I had a Fiction book "The Dairy of a Manager" in my shelfari since October 2016
    • Although, It is a Fiction book I can relate to few points which i can add in my daily work life to improve myself.
    • This Book can be purchased from

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    Daily Learning - Day 04

    Date: 07th January 2017

    Below are the topics i learnt today..

    Topic 1: 
    Rule 1- Make Fewer HTTP Requests

    • Learning about Individual Images on Webpage using Web Developer Tools
    • New: Image Map using HTML Elements (DIV/Span)
    • Use of Image Map , how HTTP Requests can be reduced instead of Individual Images on Webpage
    • New: CSS Sprites using HTML Elements
    • Use of CSS Sprites , how HTTP Requests can be reduced instead of Individual Images on Webpage
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Image Map and CSS Sprites
    • Image Map -

    • CSS Sprite -

    Topic 2: Listening to a Podcast - The Testing Show: New Year’s TesterLutions

    Software Testing Engagement Models

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    Daily Learning - Day 03

    Date: 06th January 2017

    Below are the topics i learnt today..

    Topic 1: HTTP - Requests/Responses

    • How Connection is established by HTTP Requests.
    • What is Persistent Connections.
    • How "Connection: Keep-Alive" Request & Response Headers are used in Browser / Server.
    • What happens when Connection is Closed in browser/server, and display of Headers.

    Topic 2: Santa Gifts Week

    • We had a Santa Gifts Week (although late after Christmas), late not never..

    • Secret Santa, the well-known Christmas tradition where people get assigned a random colleague to buy a gift.
    • The concept of an anonymous gift exchange emerged a few decades later, between the 1960s and 1970s.
    • Secret Santa gifts that’ll make your work colleagues laugh.
    • Glad, I have received a Secret Santa Gift (unknown person)

    Topic 3: Meditation

    • Had a 1st session on "Meditation at Work". 
    • It was for approx 30 minutes. But it was pleasant and more important, It is helpful to manage and control the thought process in mind.
    • I am planning to do every day during morning.

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    Daily Learning - Day 02

    Date: 05th January 2017

    Below are the topics i learnt today..

    Topic 1: Overview of HTTP - Requests/Responses

    • What is HTTP and Different Types of HTTP Requests
    • What happens between the Client and Server
    • How to analyse  Network Resources from Chrome Web Developer Tool and IE Web Developer Tool
    • Learning about "Last Modified Date , Compression (Browser / Server Level) , If Modified Since, Expires HTTP Headers
    • [To Learn More] - on HTTP Headers..

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    Daily Learning - Day 01

    This Series has started due Zero fire + passion + mission in Life.

    It seems to me: I was a success in society. And an acute failure to myself. Missing out on a great life..but when a series of daily practices, when done consistently, generate genius-level outcomes.

    Nothing will change if you don't make some changes. 

    Date: 04th January 2017

    Below are the topics i learnt today..
    Topic 1: Importance of Front-End Performance

    • "How Front End Performance is more important than Back-end Performance". 
    • What are the different requests sent over from Web Server to Web Browser when visiting a webpage
    • Chrome vs Internet Explorer - Network Tab, analysing the Requests and Responses.
    • [Need to Learn More] - Differences between Disk Cache, Memory Cache, Browser Cache.

    Topic 2: Super Brain Yoga

    • I have received a video on whatsapp "Super Brain Yoga"
    • After going through the video, It is a same technique : Called as "Gunjeelu"(In Telugu) and Used to be done when teacher's used to give punishment in school days & after prayers to God.

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    Testers ToolKit

    XMLQuire is light-weight XML Text Editor, integrated XPath editor that includes powerful trace features and an expression management system

    API/Web Services Testing
    SoapUI is the world leading Open Source Functional Testing Tool, mainly it is used for API Testing .

    Test Data

    1. Wiki Pedia - Credit Card
    2. Dark Coding
    3. Paypal Objects
    4. Wikipedia - Common Names
    5. Fake Name Generator
    6. Longest Last Name
    7. Lorem Ipsum Generator
    8. Mockaroo
    9. Generate Data
    10. Random User


    Software Testing Mindmaps - Test Insane

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    What's done in month of December 2016

    This Post remarks the progress and tasks done in the month of December 2016.

    Career Life:
    The three course / lessons learnt are done during the course of month.

    Course TopicCourse NameCourse From Course Status
    Web PerformancePerformance Testing Foundational LearningElite SoulsCompleted
    MagazineWomen Testers Dec 2016Women TestersCompleted
    Career PlanningLearning to Program - Skills that MatterPluralSightCompleted

    Work Life:
    Done with the Project Delivery on Time.

    One Training Program was attended during the course of month

    Course TopicCourse NameCourse From Course Status
    LeadershipLeadership TrainingUnilogCompleted

    Got Promoted as "Team Lead - QA" and It was a Biggest Step in My Career Life.

    Personal Life:

    Got 10 days break and resulting with Family Trip on Road in "Andhra Tourist Places"

    Happy New Year 2017 to all readers.

    Feel Free to check out "Career - Celebrations" Page.

    And New CDP Plan ready for January Month.

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