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My Year of Review: 2013

Looking back at 2013. Lots of things happened this year, with twists and turns in my life. 

Overall, this has been a okay. I've grown and learned and developed in ways I did not perform well in 2012. 
I have tightened the emotions and feelings inside, loosened some and discovered much about myself and those around me. The year went so quick with busy days with learning's, work and travelling.

I have attended two conferences this year.  

1. BarCamp Bangalore. Attended a half day event, meeting testing professionals from india. ( Website )

2. STC QAI Conference, Bangalore. Thanks to Testing Circus for giving me opportunity to attend two days long conference and meeting testing professionals all over the world. I have found myself as a kid, learning new things from the testing professionals. ( Website )

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Importance of Feedback in Real world

I spend most of the time reading testing articles, magazines, blogs / websites, newsletters, exploring new things. 

Whenever I read/do, which helped me to learn and I do perform a quick actions in giving back a positive feedback, which might helpful to make a discussions and make a new learning from it.
Two years back, when I was writing my first feedback to a website, I was searching writing a feedback is good or bad.

Then I have read a quote: “Without Feedback, it’s like you are walking blind”

Yes, for me: Feedback is a food..

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A survey on “State of Testing” - Participate and Share

Joel Montvelisky who is a co-founder of PractiTest, is going to launched a Survey program on the “state of testing” 2013 and he plan to make the survey for every year.

A Testing Survey, WHY?

If you are curious to learn more about testing? Be a part of this survey program conducted in association by Tea Time with Testers and QA Intelligence.

This survey program will allow us to see not only a snapshot of our professional testing reality but also the trends in the field as they keep shifting year by year.

Want to be part of this Survey program 
Click Here  - Subscribe to get notified.

Is participation enough, No.. !!!

Please tell to other testers about it and get them participate with with the #qasurvey hashtag

"Knowledge is Power -Francis Bacon" 

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