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Where was I these days? #SKCLife

It's been almost a year, i was out of blog writing.

This blog post is an update of "where am I these days?"

Work Life
Year started with Fast-Paced Product Testing and working with a team of 5 members. And Working towards the MVP.

Benefits: Learning about myself, Test Planning & Strategies, patience to explain others, dedicating time to spend mentoring others, Demo based Presentations from Team members to Understand the Knowledge & Abilities.

Career/Learning Life
A Lot of Learning happened and happening.This Started due to a Fear Started in Life. "What am i doing in Career Life" .. "What do i want to become"

New Learning's at Work:

  1. Apache Solr for Ecommerce Search
  2. SQL Knowledge on Practice
  3. First Time Hands on Apache Solr Core 
  4. First Time Hands on Postman
  5. First Time Hands on Piwik Analytics.
  6. Swim or Sink - Leadership Program [In Progress]

New Learning's at Personal:

  1. Introduction to Browser Security Headers by Troy Hunt -- Pluralsight - Mar 2016
  2. Learn SQL -- Codecademy - Apr 2016
  3. Web Security Fundamentals  by Troy Hunt -- Varonics - June 2016
  4. Hands-On Mobile App Testing Workshop by Ajay Balamurugadas-- TestManiac - Aug 2016
  5. SQL Tutorial For Beginners -- Udemy   - Oct 2016
  6. Tracking Real World Web Performance -- Pluralsight - Sept 2016
  7. Piwik Tracking Training Series -- Piwik Pro - Aug 2016
  8. Debugging the Web with FireBug, WebDeveloper, and Fiddler -- Pluralsight - Oct 2016
  9. Introduction to Web and eCommerce User eXperience Design -- Udemy - Oct 2016
  10. Weekend Testing Sessions (India/Europe/Americas)
  11. Blog Feeds on Testing, Management etc.
  12. Ted Talks
  13. Podcasts
  14. Recorded Testing Conferences.
Few More in progress...Stay Tuned!!

Book Reading's to Relax:

In Progress ... Stay Tuned!!

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  1.  Above and Beyond Award from Unilog -- July 2016
  2. SQL Tutorial for Beginners -- Udemy -- Oct 2016
  1. Kothapeta, East Godavari (Andhra Pradesh) after 1-2 years.
  2. Hyderabad (Telangana) almost 6 times.

Movies & Dine

One New Film & New Dine Place per Two Months :)

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