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Finding Old site url's on google search after new site is launched.

TestingDriveThru: Challenge from last week and How I dealt with it.

Challenge: Finding Old site URL's on google search after New site is launched.

  • Most of the times, when a new or redesigned site is launched, the old site URL's still remains on the google web search
  • Problem: If URL re-directions are not specified to the URL's displaying on google search, when a user clicks on the old site URL , It redirects to Blank/No content available pages.
  • This can reduce the Google page ranking or loss of ranking for the site.

  • Challenge: When the customer is not aware of the URL Re-directions to be done, Be proactive to find out the Old site URL's and inform the stakeholders to get the re-directions to them.
  •  How to Find:
    • Go to google search
    • Enter as -
    • This displays results of site urls starting with
  • Challenge: Ok, we found the results. But how can we extract all these urls to a file ?
  • How can we do ?

    • Install the ginfinity plugin for Chrome. This will un-restrict the number of search results per page by seamlessly appending the next page of search results to the current list.
    • Drag and Drop Chris Ainsworth’s Extractor ‘bookmarklet’  on bookmark bar.
    • Navigate to google search results of
    • Then click on settings of google search 
    • Then click on Search settings
    • Then increase the results per page = 100

    • Then scroll down  the search results of :
    • Using ginfinity, it shows all pages results in a single page

    • Then click on Google SERP's Extractor Bookmark
It lists all the URL's and Anchor text for the results listed.

Now, we can copy the URL's from the results list.

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Finding Zero Kb files from the files directory

TestingDriveThru: Challenge from last week and How I dealt with it.

Challenge: Finding Zero Kb files from the files directory

  • Windows+R = Run : Enter "Powershell" and Hit Enter
  • It opens the Powershell
  • It shows Current directory: PS C:\Users\srinivas.kadiyala>
  • Navigate to the directory where files are stored and where we want to find Zero Kb Files.
  • Use command: CD C:\Users\srinivas.kadiyala\Downloads\FolderTest\   and Hit Enter
  • Now Current directory will be: C:\Users\srinivas.kadiyala\Downloads\FolderTest>
  • Now copy the below script and Hit Enter:
Below scripts helps you to find files with zero file size.
  • Get-Childitem -Recurse | foreach-object {
     if(!$_.PSIsContainer -and $_.length -eq 0) {
     write-host (“{0} -> {1}” -f $_.FullName, $_.Length)

Result: It will display files which has 0kb.
C:\Users\srinivas.kadiyala\Downloads\FolderTest>DocumentTest.docx -> 0

This can reduce the testing time.

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