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Web Performance

I started researching a new topic each day towards my learning goal.

Below are the topics learnt from Apr 30 - May 9. (This series will be updated for every 10 days)
1. Why designs impacts Performance 2. How page load impacts page ranking in search engine.
3. How page load time impacts performance. 4. latency vs Bandwidth. 5. How Mobile network effects performance.
6. How Mobile network communication happens.
7. Remember Me feature will have expiry date.
8. External third party apps (js files) should be async. As it decreases page load time time.
9. What is DNS Lookup 10. How does content load from server to webpage
11. Connections between Web page and server. 12. What is SSL Negotiations. 13. Page Weight - How to calculate.
14. Web Accessibility 
15. How to make USA Websites Accessibility Complaince. 
16. The U.S. Access Board - Rules
17. Accessibility Web Standards WCAG and Section 508.

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