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Difference between Issue and Bug

I am inspired by a foreign programmer ( - who has started this program - Not So Stupid Question Series.

Today, I start with Questions: I have raised or got by/to fellow testers/friends in Software Industry.

Not so Stupid Questions 1 - Difference between Issue and Bug

I have listened to this many of the times, programmers/testers use the terms without knowingly, the meaning of it and when to use them. This got me thinking to write about it.


Courtesy: Bolton - EuroStar Conference 2014

There are many definitions, on the internet. But from the day i started my career as testing - I have been following these definitions.

Bug:  The problem in the product/feature you developed bugs me -  (Me a.k.a  - first user to use before the customer). Its due to error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program or product. 
The term - Bug is often used by internal people in the company.

Issue: The problem in the product/feature found de-values the product and which can accomplish an improvement in a system. An Issue can also be a Bug.
The term - Issue is often used by clients. 

But, Testers can use both the words (Bug or Issue) - depending on the context or the terminology used in the organization.

Whatever terminology we say - Finally we need to build better, make better software, and impress the users. 

**Please let me know your thoughts.

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A survey on “State of Testing 2015” - Participate and Share

Joel Montvelisky who is a co-founder of PractiTest, is going to launch again a Survey program on the “State of Testing 2015" after "State of Testing 2013"

A Testing Survey, WHY?

If you are curious to learn more about testing? Be a part of this survey program conducted in association by Tea Time with Testers and QA Intelligence.

This survey program will allow us to see not only a snapshot of our professional testing reality but also the trends in the field as they keep shifting year by year.

Please tell to other testers about it and get them participate with with the#qasurvey hashtag

"Knowledge is Power -Francis Bacon" 

See the results from State of Testing Survey 2013

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Again..New "Mission of The Year" 2015

And It's End Year 2014 - After mission of the year was set: "Explore" ... There were few mistakes made by me. I dint trust myself to get back.

I thought i should share a word for my new Mission to reach my VISION in a good direction.

My "Mission for The Year" to make a best year 2015 is: 

Hopefully, 2015 is going to be the best year
2014 - Mission: Explore

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