Difference between Issue and Bug

I am inspired by a foreign programmer (http://irisclasson.com/) - who has started this program - Not So Stupid Question Series.

Today, I start with Questions: I have raised or got by/to fellow testers/friends in Software Industry.

Not so Stupid Questions 1 - Difference between Issue and Bug

I have listened to this many of the times, programmers/testers use the terms without knowingly, the meaning of it and when to use them. This got me thinking to write about it.

Courtesy: www.weekendtesting.com

Courtesy: Bolton - EuroStar Conference 2014

There are many definitions, on the internet. But from the day i started my career as testing - I have been following these definitions.

Bug:  The problem in the product/feature you developed bugs me -  (Me a.k.a  - first user to use before the customer). Its due to error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program or product. 
The term - Bug is often used by internal people in the company.

Issue: The problem in the product/feature found de-values the product and which can accomplish an improvement in a system. An Issue can also be a Bug.
The term - Issue is often used by clients. 

But, Testers can use both the words (Bug or Issue) - depending on the context or the terminology used in the organization.

Whatever terminology we say - Finally we need to build better, make better software, and impress the users. 

**Please let me know your thoughts.

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