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Journey as Technical Tester

I am following the path of my career guiders (Mentors), its a challenge for me as i have not done this before. But i like to do because, i learn new things by research.

"Research makes me to learn better"

In the first step, i need to install : Php, Apache HTTP Server, My SQL on my system.

Instead of the same procedure, I wanted to follow different path. I reminded of my college friend ( Krishna Teja ), who inspires me to do in different way.

He is currently doing a framework - Packet code using Php. Although, i tests his applications during my available time, which makes me to learn new things.

Packet Code: An initiative to support programmers.

He guided me to go for "WAMP Server" - WampServer is a web development platform on Windows allowing you to create dynamic web applications with Apache2, PHP and MySQL.


WAMP Server: Created by Romain Bourdon and maintained by Herve Leclerc

WAMPServer 2 includes:-  

1. Wamp Server 2.4
2. Apache : 2.4.4
3. My SQL : 5.6.12
4. PHP: 5.4.12
5. PHPMyAdmin: 4.0.4
6. SqlBuddy : 1.3.3
7. XDebug: 2.23

Coding Editor: Notepad++ or Sublime Text.

Woah! .. I have done with my environment preparation....

Let's see - what goes next !

Self Start is the spark .. That ignites the engine of progress in the journey of life."

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Behavior Driven Development

Recently, i read on Behavior driven development (in short, called as BDD) - Its a new style, which is very useful to apply user stories for acceptance tests.

This can minimize the waste and impact the business outcome, this can make direct accessible with customers to testers, developers and domain experts with the goal of producing quality software.

This makes impact to the business process and increase the value.

AgileDox is ancestor of BDD, which is a automation tool for generating technical documentation.

Now, several tools released to build the BDD community such as Cucumber, RSpec etc.

I will write in next posts, how i am started learning this..

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Gist Github

My Drive is full with many ideas and thoughts to work on my skills for my new treasure.

Recently, i re-started (I am programmer at college days) my learning's on different programming languages. 
Old days - when we want to share our code with friends, to improve and work together - we used to share them via mails then shared folders.

Recently, i got to knew about: Gist Github

Gist is an collaboration tool from Git hub - A simple pastebin-style of site, where we can share the code snippets written in different programming languages, text files quickly with others. It also highlights the programming code with markdown.
This Gists are Git hub repositories, they are automatically version-ed and fork-able.

Want to try out: Check - Gist Github

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Software Professionals - Insights for Business development [Part -1]

This is a notes from my learning... I will update frequently.

Most of software professionals (Programmer , Tester, Technologists) while developing a project - think of Bits or Bytes of data storage, CPU Cycles - instructions per second etc.

Apart from project development, we software professionals also need to think of Business development: how the application can impact our Company value, importance of time to market our value, can also help increasing your company's income, improving our relationship with management, increasing our own income.

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