Lessons Learned about Availability Zones

Understanding How AWS is Physically Set Up

For the latest on AWS Infrastructure, see: https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/global-infrastructure/

This tells us about how physically AWS is set up across the globe.

In this map, it shows AWS Regions and few upcoming regions.

What is AWS Region?
Each region is a geographical area that is the collection of availability zones and data centers.

The AWS Regions are kept across the world, where data transmission from the physical device would take less time and to provide the best performance to the customers.

There are some consumer-based regions and government based regions (GovCloud).

What is an Availability Zone?
Availability Zone is a geographical physical location that holds an AWS data center.

This is where physical hardware is present and any data that is stored in AWS will be located here.

Why Multiple Availability Zones?
Considering the High Availability and Fault Tolerance, if there is any natural disaster in one of the availability zones data center. 

For redundancy, Most of the data files are backed up in the other two availability zones. As long as the entire Region is not knocked out, we should be able to access the files or data stored in AWS.

Within the datacenters, we have AWS Resources like S3 Bucket connected with EC2 Instances, etc.

For each Amazon Region, there is an End-Point.

More Information:  
Now, Find out your AWS Region and No. of Availability Zones in your Continuous Deployment Tool/Project.

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Lessons Learned about Cloud

What is Cloud?
Think about like a Computer, which has a storage or processing power 
and utilizing it, Which is present somewhere and 
can be connected by Internet Connection.

In Reality, It is not just one computer. 
It’s more like datacenters having server computers that we would be utilizing.
Example: Dropbox, iCloud, Amazon Web Services.

Why do we use Cloud?
Files that we upload to DropBox/iCloud are going to stored on Server Computers, 
which is one of the racks in the datacenter.

What are the Benefits of using the Cloud?
Common Personal Uses: 
Storing the data in Cloud, Backups, Sharing across different devices 
(Home Computer, Mobile Devices, Work Computer) and access from different devices.

Common Enterprise Uses:
On-Premises Data Center: Costly, Takes time for Process of ordering, Installation, 
Test them up, Install Operating Systems, Softwares and get them all Up and Running.
Disadvantages: Money is wasted if the resources and servers are not used.

Now, Cloud Services Solves the Problem:
As the user base increases, Cloud Service Providers automatically and instantly add servers any time without estimation of growth within 2 minutes with software 
and up and running. When User base drops, Cloud Service Providers decommission the server and the company is no longer charged for the unused server. (On-Demand Basis)
I had worked on projects, where there was a migration from data centers to Google Cloud.
Now, I understand what is the purpose of having projects on the cloud.

Image result for what is cloud technology

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Cloud Platform Solutions and Service Status

Recently, I have started learning about Cloud Platforms and AWS Services.

As Cloud was compared with a computer/server and Cloud Services is a rapid growth market. 

I was thinking "What if the Cloud Applications experiences the issue? How would users get to know?" 

Cloud Solutions provider and Platforms

Found below details for Google Cloud and Amazon Cloud Services, which are Top 2 Cloud Platform Solutions:

Google Cloud Platform:
This page provides status information on the services that are part of the Google Cloud Platform.

AWS Service Health Dashboard:

This page provides status information on the services that are part of the AWS Cloud Platform.


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1st Anniversary with Moolya Software Testing

Exactly during July 2018, I had decided to look for new opportunities after a long sprint working with Unilog Content Solutions, Mysore.

I messaged Ajay Balamurugadas asking "What to do" and "Why I am looking for".

Then I have been introduced to other friends and was going through the interview process.

Finally, the day came when I was interviewed at Moolya.
And I got an offer in hand on 9th August 2018 and Joined Moolya on 20th September 2018.

It was not an easy decision to move from Mysore to Bangalore.
My wife was supportive of this decision and then family members (from both sides).

Only advice received from Ajay before I joined
"Relax. Think It's your first Job with experience of all these Jobs."

Let me wrap the One year Journey in Six points:

Excitement: I was excited to Join Moolya, As how a fresher would join a new company. I am still excited to go to work every day.

Highlighting: I never met Pradeep Soundararajan and Dhanasekar before, but read their notes and articles. It was good to meet them in person.

Challenges: I was asked before looking for jobs, "Are you challenged at your work? Did you test more complex projects than at your workplace"
I am thankful, for the opportunity provided at Moolya Project. 
I felt working on Challenging Complex domain project helped me to recognize the strengths and weakness of my testing/technology aspects.

Learning: I am thankful to my colleagues, developers and other stakeholders on the project, as they helped me to learn new things. I started to make notes of every day and to see where to improve in my current work. As after every sprint ticket, I make notes "What I could do better" and try to learn from other good practices. Learning about "Mindmapping, Exploratory Testing, and Session-Based Test Management" and Practicing on a legacy product.
Got an opportunity to attend "Leadership Workshop with Pradeep" and Learn from it.

Moving to Bangalore also helped me to attend testing events (meetups) and learn and meet from people.

Fun and Happiness: I had got the opportunity to travel outside India (London, UK) for the first time. And received the first award in Moolya as "Rising Star - Exploratory Tester". It added more responsibility under my belt 😇
It is always fun working with people. Something changed in my life "Smile".

Expectations: I joined with one expectation that "I should learn something new here and continue to provide value from my work" and Learn from Mistakes. 

Thank you Moolya 😊

       Need Testing Help?        Visit: Moolya Software Testing

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