Importance of Feedback in Real world

I spend most of the time reading testing articles, magazines, blogs / websites, newsletters, exploring new things. 

Whenever I read/do, which helped me to learn and I do perform a quick actions in giving back a positive feedback, which might helpful to make a discussions and make a new learning from it.
Two years back, when I was writing my first feedback to a website, I was searching writing a feedback is good or bad.

Then I have read a quote: “Without Feedback, it’s like you are walking blind”

Yes, for me: Feedback is a food..

I believe feedback should be given in a positive (accurate and complete) manner that will best help improve performance it also helps to identify what needs to be done in the future.

Then I realized feedback will help us to know in a timely manner how we are doing, what working with us and what’s not.

So, I learnt to ask Feedback from different people: managers, peers, and friends which can help me to reach my goals.

Testing is a kind of giving feedback to the product, before going to live. We need to give a feedback which helps to improve it functionality and performance.

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  1. Great blog post, Srinivas! What methods do you use to incorporate the feedback you receive back into your testing work?

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