Daily Learning - Day 01

This Series has started due Zero fire + passion + mission in Life.

It seems to me: I was a success in society. And an acute failure to myself. Missing out on a great life..but when a series of daily practices, when done consistently, generate genius-level outcomes.

Nothing will change if you don't make some changes. 

Date: 04th January 2017

Below are the topics i learnt today..
Topic 1: Importance of Front-End Performance

  • "How Front End Performance is more important than Back-end Performance". 
  • What are the different requests sent over from Web Server to Web Browser when visiting a webpage
  • Chrome vs Internet Explorer - Network Tab, analysing the Requests and Responses.
  • [Need to Learn More] - Differences between Disk Cache, Memory Cache, Browser Cache.

Topic 2: Super Brain Yoga

  • I have received a video on whatsapp "Super Brain Yoga"
  • After going through the video, It is a same technique : Called as "Gunjeelu"(In Telugu) and Used to be done when teacher's used to give punishment in school days & after prayers to God.

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