Daily Learning - Day 06

Date: 11th January 2017

Below are the topics i learnt today..

Topic 1: HTTP Requests - Inline Images

  • What is Inline Images.
  • How to "Include Images inside the webpage" without individual HTTP Requests.
  • Data Type Pattern for Inline Images to include inside the webpage.
  • Drawbacks of using Inline Images on Web Browsers.
  • Drawbacks of using Inline Images impacting the Webpage Size.
  • Alternatives to use "Inline CSS Images" inside the External Stylesheet.
  • Advantages of "Inline CSS Images" over "Inline Images Inside the webpage".

Topic 2: HTTP Requests - Combined Scripts and Stylesheets

  • As Javascript and CSS are very important for Websites.
  • There are two ways of using "JS/CSS" 
  • Either - Inline method: Embed JS/CSS inside the Webpage (or) use of External JS/CSS 
  • The LESS the JS/CSS loading on Webpages (esp. Home Page) gives Good User Experience, Reduces HTTP Requests, Improves end user response time.
  • Combining all Stylesheets into 1 File and all CSS into 1 file , reduces the HTTP Requests from many to few. And Page loads much faster.
  • Drawbacks: Combining the JS/CSS to single file , can make growth in number of combinations. As Not all JS/CSS will be used in all pages.

Topic 3: Alexa Rankings - Sites Info

  • Example: Visit the website - http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/packetcode.com
  • This provides website info including Global Rank, Rank in India/Country
  • Also lists : Bounce Rate, Daily Page Views per Visitor, Daily Time on Site, Search Traffic, Top Keywords
  • Bounce Rate: bounce rate is the rate at which the visitors leave your website without really examining what's it about or not completing a particular activity or transaction.
  • Higher the Bounce Rate , Bad Impact on Website
  • Daily Page Views per Visitor: site captures your visitors interest since a visitor who spends more time on your site and goes deeper inside will generate more page views than an visitor who just glanced at the home page and left.
  • Higher the Daily Page Views per Visitor , Good Impact from Website
  • Note: Although the data from accuracte / inaccurate, these metrics needs to be verified in your respective analytics tool.

Final Lesson :   Make FEWER HTTP REQUESTS to improve End User Experience.

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