Daily Learning - Day 10

Was busy in Personal Life, Back on Daily Learning after two weeks.

Date: 28th January 2017
Below are the topics i learnt today..

Agile Testing:

  • In Agile, Testing should be part of Agile development
  • How in industry, the stories are developed late - Due to this testing is done in the Rush at the end of sprint and not exploring the system by the testers
  • Automated testing is also not a feasible solution for stories, as if any changes done in the code by development team, the automation testers should re-work on the code earlier worked. This will become inefficient and expensive in long run.
  • In Sprint Table, There should not be "Test to be Done" column as: Stories is done only when "Dev+Test" is done.

Agile Testing should be done to prevent the bugs, while working together with developer. 

And Agile Manifesto says: Team is responsible for Quality. Not Just individual Testers.

Instead of Releasing all features and testing at the end like in waterfall, there could be "Releasing few modules for testing , test them and release for customer approval" - could be feasible as "feedback is faster.Developer could correct the code early"

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