Bug Reporting on 'Bug Zilla'

Bug Reporting is very important for testers. To Track, Manage the bugs,
BugZilla  is popular, web-based bug reporting testing tool.  

When i first looked into it, i got to know its an Open source from Mozilla. I have seen many organizations adopted the BugZilla as a bug tracking tool for their projects.
Current Version: Bugzilla 4.4.2 - This shows, how much it evolved since its inception year 1998.

I have used only two tools for reporting the bugs: Microsoft Excel and Eventum.
So, I thought, i should try how it works. 

Thanks to  Landfill: The Bugzilla Test Server .  

Landfill is home of test installations, to try out Bugzilla online. 

Online documentation from Bugzilla helps to learn how to explore.

Thanks for Terry Weissman - Original Inventor of BugZilla.

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