Daily Learning - Day 21

Date: 19th February 2017

Below are the topics i learnt today..

Topic 1: Did a Course on "Fiddler" Tool.

Course: https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/fiddler

Why did i do this course?

  • To Understand, what happens between a client browser and web server.
  • To Use the tool as base to capture the website and know about Request Headers, Response Headers, Status Codes, Source Code
  •  For Security Testing: Changing the Cookies and data and Executing, to see if the application allows it or not.
  • Finally, to learn one tool so that i can use it anytime.

Topic 2: Is Your Website Secured? - Line of Death in Browser

Even if the form submits over SSL, loading the form without SSL means it can be modified by somebody before it's submitted.

The "jetairways.com" website asks to provide sensitive info whilst the browser warns them about your security.

Topic 3:  Basics before testing

The learning about:

  • How World Wide Web Came in Picture
  • How client and server are connected
  • How data gets transmitted from Client to Server
  • Different Types of Protocols used to Transfer the Data 

Topic 4: Weekend Testing Europe 

Today, we had Weekend Testing Europe WTEU-73 Session.

Brainstorming session with attendees to build a university testing course, and home work tasks, book reading recommendations for students.

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