Daily Learning - Day 20

Date: 18th February 2017

Below are the topics i learnt today..

Topic 1: How to Encode the Script using Notepad++

Enter the Script in the Notepad++ 

Then Navigate to Plugins -> MIME Tools 

Then Select FULL URL Encode or URL Encode.

This will Encode the Script.

Topic 2: Exploratory Testing with Test & Feedback Chrome Extension

Now everyone on the team can own quality. Capture findings, create issues, and collaborate with the team, directly from the browser on any platform: Windows, Mac, or Linux. Available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (required version 50.0 or above) 

I have used Chrome Extension, Although it takes time to understand. We can use it and export the Report and Attach the HTML File.

Topic 3: Line of Death in Browser

Learn about "Line of Death" in the Browser Window.

Topic 4: Security - State of the Net
Nordic Testing Days: https://youtu.be/k_uOdUYbIUA

In this video - Mikko Hypponen Advices , Not to Click on "Enable Content" even its from trusted person to avoid ransomware.

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