Daily Learning - Day 12

Date: 31st January 2017

Below are the topics i learnt today..

Topic: One Page Test Plan in Agile Testing
  • I was having discussions with testing community on "If you are working in Agile Development , do you write test plans ?"
  • Some of the replies are:
 Its simply not written in one of those 100+ page documents. 

If a project is short term, then Test Plan is not "required". But if this is a long term project then it's nice to have good documentation for it, including test plan with all required items, like what to test, how, by who, what tools to use when, etc.

we have a long term big project. For us doesn't really make sense to have detailed test plan document as changes happens quite frequently that you would need someone full time working on Test Plan.

And I read about "One Page Test Plan". I thought, that could be easy way to describe the Test Plan.

Courtesy: Testing Community Blogs on Test Plan

To Read More on One Page Test Plan - Read: Agile Testing Book.

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