Tests without Specifications : Part -1

To write a good test cases, a tester needs a good reference, which is requirements (functional or design) specification documents. Using this, we measure the quality of the test done on software, whether it reached the goal of the requirements specified by the client.

The specifications can make tester’s job easier and client also saves time – money, helping in building a good product.

But today, sadly, testing is not considered during the documentation. There might be many reasons, may be specified testing resource is to be allocated; project budget might be released; testing is seen as part from development process etc.

So when requirements are not proper and doesn’t come your way, at that point what you would do and whom you point the issue? What can we do apart from panic?

But you have to start testing somewhere.
Here are some techniques to derive in this kind of situation and can be applied to any kind of software projects.

                Identification of Test Requirements
Test cases can be developed from available information, which describe the product developing at some point of the development process. These are called as test conditions, and can be used in generating a suite of test cases.
                Test requirements can be generated using past experience.
Test cases can be written from past experience on projects, what you have tested, how did you test it, any particular areas where bugs can be found in past projects?

Hint for Testers: Search through the defect logging tool on the previous projects, this may help get you to focus and make a contribution to the project.Coming soon with Part-2....
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