Its your Life.... Let go forward in Life…

Life is full of challenges, interesting twists, love, passion, emotions, egos, adventures, comfort etc.

"7" is my memorable number in my life. Here are 7 things, that i have learnt from the past life.

Everyone goes through tough times – Success and Failures comes in life. Never think that you are alone in your life and remember there is always something that we are behind to achieve in life.  Stop thinking about the past and start thinking on what you are doing right now and move forward. 

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start       today and        make a new ending” – Maria Robinson

If you want to achieve what you want in your life, stop procrastinating and take control to change the situation with responsibility to move forward.

“Act as though, It is Impossible to fail” - Dorothea Brande

Be a Leader
Stop playing blame game on others. Stand up and take the leadership in doing in front of your colleagues to solve the problem. Don’t try to impress anyone by putting down someone else in front of all.

“The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose” - Robert Byrne

Be Systematic and Organized
We are passionate to learn and do the things to achieve in life, we need to be systematic and organized in keeping your learning’s and research notes as they are our hard work we spent our valuable time.

“Once you eliminate your number one problem, number two gets a promotion.” - Gerald M. Weinberg

Make a Plan
Learning is never ending. We need to plan our learning and manage with time to bring our dreams reality.

“If you know where you are going, then you don’t need a map in finding the route” - Lewis Carroll

Self-Managed Learning
Nothing changes if you’re comfortable with the present. Try to change your day activities, do the stuff and compare yourself every week, to what you were like earlier and see the difference.

“Your career is your own responsibility. Your employer is not your mother.” -Jurgen Appelo

My mentors say, we need to express our thinking by talking to people, take time to read a lot, take notes on thoughts and share with others. Appreciations would come your way and people will respect you and will ask for your help.

"Happiness is only real when shared." - Christoper McCandless

I would continue to Blog more often to make me more motivated and learn from the mistakes.

"It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That defines your career.” - Carlton Fisk 

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