Software Testing Good Practices

The following are some good practices, I have learnt for doing testing.

Before you start the testing the product, Understand the product Architecture.
Understanding the architecture and working of the product, can help you see more error prone areas and can cover large amount of errors in less time.

The Error prone areas may mostly occurs on the interfaces between the different modules, as different programmers work on different modules in a product development.

See the potential misuses and verify how the software works with those issues.
If application is working perfectly as per it is intended, then don’t stop the testing.
Just like a detective solves a murder mystery and the testers has to find out the any ways of potential misuses and how the software works unexpectedly with those issues. 

Sherlock Holmes is Top Fiction Detective

Think like an End User, who has no idea of how to use the product, explore it (or) Think like a Hacker try to find out methods how can a hacker exploit the scenarios by manipulating the program. 
For all these case the response from the product should be intelligent than providing critical information.

Record every step clearly and in detail
While doing the testing, record each step clearly and in detail with environment (operating system, browser etc.). If any error you have found, take a screenshot of it to show as a proof.
This can help the programmers in reproducing the error again and fix it without wasting a lot of time.
This can also help the testers while doing retesting, after the fixing done by the programmers.

Tip to Testers:  Learn to write notes, which can help you improve your communication and testing skills.

Help the team from preventing recurring errors
While retesting, testers should make sure that no new problems are introduced. Help the team in providing correct scenarios where the error may prone to occur again. This can help programmers from further error prevention in future process of product.
Explaining about the occurrence of defect to the architects, programmers and managers may reduce the cost and time of testing the product.

If you think, this post helps...Please let me know any Feed backs or comments.

Cheers, Happy Testing … J

Date Timeline: 25th July, 2013

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