My Journey towards "Miagi-Do School of Testing"

Here is one more Milestone - 50th Blogpost and Today’s Date is 18th which is divine and Wonderful Number.

Testing is my passion, I do it from my heart. I try to find happiness in fulfilling my job as a Software Tester.

I have lost myself, certainly when I lost many opportunities during the past days. I have taken a break from my life and took time what are negatives and positives in my life.

I got heard so many things, “He is not having testing certificates or skills to show up his work, so he is unable to get a project.”

I am very thankful to "Sharad Rathi" (Linkedin) “Michael Bolton”, “Ajay Balamurugadas”, “Sudhamshu Rao”, “Parimala Hariprasad”, “Anshul Jain” and many others… for giving suggestions during my initial days of my career.

After getting inspired from them, I have started Blogging on Testing and participating in different testing contests and reading many testing articles to learn more and keep my goal.
One day, I have seen a post on a “There is an Initial challenge to become a part of Miagi-Do School of Testing”. The challenge was quite interesting, It was on “LightSabre”, instructed by “Michael Larsen”.

It was pretty exciting while having this challenge, and having a good time with Michael Larsen, even though we had time differences (PST vs IST). He is very cool mentor. He pointed me quite interesting questions during the challenge to how I should look at the things. I am very much thankful for him and inspired me with Questions he raised after the challenge.

“Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working for their passion.”

Now, I am “Student of Miagi-Do School of Testing”. Now it’s time to interact, learn and contribute with amazing team.

Also, I got learn my mistakes, few appreciations and awards during this journey from my friends, seniors and mentors.

“God Almighty: My Rock star, my inspiration and my guide.  If God is not in your life, you've either got to be really lucky or really passionate to move towards success”

I am gratitude and very much thankful to all the people who are part in this journey of my career And also I will continue to learn & share more on testing and try hard to be part of Indian Testing Community.

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