How do i test Email Address Validation... ?

Every time I have been on Website Projects, I always had a testing task to validate Email Address text field.

I heard the following from many developers say: Why does User enter wrong email address? And why do we need to validate the Email address.

Many feel why we need to test the email address format, why do the user. But as am passionate testers, I always try to research to find out new things and learn and try out, how it can be useful to make the application stable. 

I always go for hunt to find out valid or invalid email test cases. So, I thought I will write a post as well as it can be useful for future references for me and for the testing community.

The Valid Email Address follows the official standard Regular Expression (regex), defined in RFC (Request for Comments).

All the Email messages which are sent from Email Addresses should conform that they accept standards specified by IETF (Internet Society).

The sad thing is, many don’t read and ignore the RFC Standards proposed, but prepare their own regexp to issue a valid email address.

Question:  What is the maximum length of the email address can be?
Answer: 254 Characters.

The above are the test cases to check if Email Address is Valid or Not.

I am very thankful to “Chan Chaiyochlarb”; a software engineer specialized in Quality. I dedicate this Blog Post to him, in return of favour, for helping me in testing career.

Question: Is there a way to check whether your email address is according to RFC Standards?
Answer:   Yes,"Dominic Sayers" has made a lot of efforts to make a project.

Try out yourself:  ( is_email is email validator according to standards or not).

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