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Process Explorer - Memory Utilization

I want to learn about Memory Utilization of each process running on my computer.

We all probably know about Windows Task Manager, to see the process or activities running on the computer.

But, i was thinking about a solution which can tell more information about the files or process or application running 

Process Explorer is a Sysinternals tool.


"Process Explorer is an advanced process management utility that picks up where Task Manager leaves off. It will show you detailed information about a process including its icon, command-line, full image path, memory statistics, user account, security attributes, and more."

My observation: This tool helps to track down the memory usage and know about memory usage and kill the services.

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My Journey with TestEvents and Rob - 2014

It has been great pleasure working as volunteer with Rob van Steenbergen

How it Started?
Test events was a good website. It gave opportunity to know about testing events across the world.

Why i approached?
When i like to do something, I just do it from heart !

Was there any invite?
No invite.

I just took a step ahead myself, I approached him personally.
"Can i volunteerly help you?" 

How is the Journey?

Journey started from January 2014..

Firstly, he mentioned: Yes! - You can send out Conferences if missed.
Then again: There was an idea: Can we share - Conference videos and Podcast's for the events which happened.
He accepted my proposal and It started till December 2014.

Why Test Events is stopping ?
Rob wanted focus on his testing stuff. 

How was the Experience?

It was a good learning in my life, where some one has specially thanked me.

Journey Ends on .. 12th December 2014.

Vote of Thanks..

I wish Rob and his family, a good health and good life in his career.

Looking forward for "New - Test Events"

Hang on ! - Still website is available now. 

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Skills for a Tester

Short Notes from my learning's:

  1. Questioning Skills - To get information or for clear understanding based on previous experience / existing knowledge.
  2. Story Telling - Ability to describe concepts, research questions, and ability to translate complex ideas into common terms.
  3. Testing Software as a user perspective.  -- Point to be noted, Tester is also a USER.

Testers may not write a code / do performance test - But they must use testing techniques to test the system to provide valuable information, which we PROMISED to CUSTOMER.

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Its time for 'Hour of Code'

My Friend on FACEBOOK, posted a picture where his 4 yo kid doing Hour of Code.

It was amazing and also sparked me to do some thing.

Then i took a day, and started with "Hour of Code" - Khan Academy.

It was very useful, and refreshing my skills.

--- Next Project going to start!

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Is Your Password Strength ?

Recently, there was posts on Password Strength - on different programming/testing Facebook community.

Here are some details:

(Note: I have translated to English)

Summary for the posts:
Secured password must have:
 At least 8 characters

A combination of: uppercase or lower case letters (A-Z or a-z), numbers (0-9) and special characters (?_!@#)


combination of: uppercase or lower case letters (A-Z or a-z), numbers (0-9) and special characters (which also includes - Alt+Special Chars)

The below table displays: An attacker can hack a password – based on the password rules implemented.

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Difference between UI vs UX Bug?

Lesson Learned from Software Testing:

Many of us know, UX stands for User Experience and UI stands for User Interface.

Lets see an example:

In most of the websites we see a search engine.

Now, without entering any keywords in the search box and click on Search Button.

We don't see "No Error/Warning message". We feel that is a UI bug.

But, it has been worked as designed - to "re-enter and click on search button". Hence, the issue may be rejected as it is not UI Bug.

And a tester raises an Issue - There should be warning message "Enter a Search Keyword".
It is a UX Bug.

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Why would websites have robots.txt ?

Few days ago, a new concept came landed on my desk - ROBOTS.TXT and I haven't heard about it before. I have asked many of my friends/colleagues.

Thanks to my guide - Thomas, who gave me a clear thoughts about robots.txt. 
Here is my learning notes from it.
Web Robots (also known as Web Wanderers, Crawlers, or Spiders), are programs that traverse the Web automatically. Web site owners use the /robots.txttext file to give instructions about their site to web robots; this is called The Robots Exclusion Protocol.
This file is placed on web server under root folder and advises spiders and other robots which directories or files they should/ should not access.
What does it do exactly?When a keyword is searched, first thing web spiders visits is robots.txt file. It looks in the file to know what it should do - based on the instructions mentioned in robots.txt
Why robots.txt file?

1. Most people want robots to visit all the web pages and content in their website. 
           How to make this work?1. Don't have robots.txt file in the web server2. Add empty robots.txt file without any instructions3. Add robots.txt file with the following instructions:User-agent: *Disallow:Here, * - means any web robots.
Disallow -  tells the robots what folders they should not look at in website.
* List of various web

2. Few people want robots to restrict some files in the web server and few files allows to visit.User-agent: * Disallow: /checkoutAllow: /imagesThe "Allow:" instructions tells web robot, that it is okay to see a files in images folder.

How to test robots.txt file?
1. We can test robots.txt with the Google Webmaster tool - robots.txt Tester2.  To find out if an individual page is blocked by robots.txt you can use this online tool which will tell you if a page is blocked or not.

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Problem/Solution: Tab Order not working in Safari Mac OS

I came across a situation while testing on Safari Browser - Mac OS where, On Selection of Tab on the fields - It is not focusing on all fields in the form.

Initially, I thought it is a Bug in the application. But, I thought if there are any settings need to be looked over. As I was new to testing on Mac OS Platform.

Found that Tab Navigation is disabled by default in Mac OS Safari Web Browser and on click on Tab on keyboard, it doesn’t interact with each element on the page.

But there is an option to "Turn ON" - In Safari Browser -> Preferences -> Advanced -> enables tab to all fields in order to enable basic tab navigation.

Hope all customers/users know it, before they raise this as issue.

PS: Does anyone know the reason for having tab navigation turned off in Safari by default?

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My T-Hunt - 9: Hack This Site _ Weekend Testing 108 _ Session Notes

If you want to join, Test and learn new skills? 

Visit: and Add 'WeekendTesting' on skype.

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My T-Hunt - 8: Test the Documentation / Release Notes

For every release of  a new project/features - we have seen, documentation of feature for Customers and Internal Team members.

When, the documentation is released by Technical Writer, do the following:

  1. Check for spellings and Grammar.
  2. Check for Accuracy & completeness of document - Refer Development Specifications / Test Notes
  3. Test the examples, perform steps mentioned in document.
If any changes need to be made, inform the team.

* This post is referred from - learning of testers.

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My T-Hunt - 7: Stop calling me “QA”...... I am a Tester!

As like every skilled tester, whom I am inspired from, I got a question in my mind

Why do they call us “QA – instead of Tester”?

While I was reading a book, I have read – QA should not be called for Tester.

I am a Tester. I test the code developed by programmers.

Quality Assurance (QA) is not an individual responsibility, doesn't come from only a Tester. Quality is everybody’s business– from BA, developers, project managers, testers and finally it’s a whole organisation – who are responsible to improve the quality of the product and process by introduce methodology and technology that will make efforts more effective– the whole process is verified by Auditors to decide the level of the company and products.

We testers don’t have control over the code written by programmers. We don’t own quality; we are just providing valuable information about state of the product.

We are just assisting / helping others to make a quality product – Quality Assistance.

As my main responsibility is to find the information, bugs, ensuring the code conforms to the requirements gather by the business analysts from stake holders (client). This is also called as Quality Control (QC).

We perform testing for quality control, and not for assuring the quality.

Stop calling me “QA”......  I am a Tester!

*Image Credits:

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My T- Hunt - 6: Learnings on Mobile App Testing

Last Updated on :  7-06-2014

As i learn from various sources ... this mind map is credits to different authors.

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How to Open JMeter in Command line mode ... ?

I am trying to open JMeter in CMD line mode:

C:/JMETER_HOME/BIN> jmeter -n -t FirstLoadTest.jmx  

The file which is in "examples of Bin" folder. -->> It didn't work.

But when the moved the file to Bin folder - "It worked"...

* I have read the documentation:

But they have not mentioned about this..

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A Day between a Developer and a Tester

I think, in every organisation - there would be talks about Developer vs Tester and we have seen many cartoons on it.

Here is one scenario, which is common between teams.

I suppose Developer with "David" and Tester as "Tony". These two persons have two years of experience in their respective roles.

A day appeared, Tony logs a bug in bug triage based on the thinking, how system or application under test can fail and proceeds to next steps.

Next moment, David marks as Not a Bug.

Tony then meets David, and asks why did you mark it as "Not a Bug" and provide a justification for it.

"Fight as if you were right and listen as if you were wrong" - Teamwork

David, then says: Its not mentioned in Requirements.

Yes, Requirements are source of Knowledge, to learn about the product based on the stakeholder ideas.

But Tony uses Critical thinking to recognize the problem.

David, then says: Who told you think Critical, was it written out in requirements ?

Tony Answers: Oracle.

"Its not about Oracle - Database" 

David asks: What is this Oracle?
An Oracle is a principle or mechanism used to compare and evaluate the product against the requirement to recognize the problem.

"Every problem cant be taken from requirements but Critical thinking can help to use Oracles to Recognize the problem"

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HeartBleed - A bleed attack to Internet applications

HEARTBLEED - is recent trending topic in the Technology Industry and fear flies to companies developing internet applications having https / OpenSSL - encryption bug.

As per NSA (National Security Agency) has mentioned, it warned intelligence about the HeartBleed a few months back.

Here is a tool Test Your Server for HeartBleed

What to do - If it is attacked ?

As a user : You need to contact your hosting service and say, I care about security.

As a company: Send the info immediately to system administrator - some thing is wrong !

As a System Administrator: Do a Patch for OpenSSL and change your certificates, if needed.

To know more in detail:

Attend this webinar by Security System Engineer - Nick Sullivan : He is current working for CloudFlare, ex-Apple , ex-Symantec.

The Heartbleed bug: what is it and how to protect your site?  -- Register Here

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My T-Hunt - 5: Bug Reporting on 'Bug Zilla'

Bug Reporting is very important for testers. To Track, Manage the bugs,
BugZilla  is popular, web-based bug reporting testing tool.  

When i first looked into it, i got to know its an Open source from Mozilla. I have seen many organizations adopted the BugZilla as a bug tracking tool for their projects.
Current Version: Bugzilla 4.4.2 - This shows, how much it evolved since its inception year 1998.

I have used only two tools for reporting the bugs: Microsoft Excel and Eventum.
So, I thought, i should try how it works. 

Thanks to  Landfill: The Bugzilla Test Server .  

Landfill is home of test installations, to try out Bugzilla online. 

Online documentation from Bugzilla helps to learn how to explore.

Thanks for Terry Weissman - Original Inventor of BugZilla.

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My T - Hunt -3: Journey as Technical Tester

I am following the path of my career guiders (Mentors), its a challenge for me as i have not done this before. But i like to do because, i learn new things by research.

"Research makes me to learn better"

In the first step, i need to install : Php, Apache HTTP Server, My SQL on my system.

Instead of the same procedure, I wanted to follow different path. I reminded of my college friend ( Krishna Teja ), who inspires me to do in different way.

He is currently doing a framework - Packet code using Php. Although, i tests his applications during my available time, which makes me to learn new things.

Packet Code: An initiative to support programmers.

He guided me to go for "WAMP Server" - WampServer is a web development platform on Windows allowing you to create dynamic web applications with Apache2, PHP and MySQL.


WAMP Server: Created by Romain Bourdon and maintained by Herve Leclerc

WAMPServer 2 includes:-  

1. Wamp Server 2.4
2. Apache : 2.4.4
3. My SQL : 5.6.12
4. PHP: 5.4.12
5. PHPMyAdmin: 4.0.4
6. SqlBuddy : 1.3.3
7. XDebug: 2.23

Coding Editor: Notepad++ or Sublime Text.

Woah! .. I have done with my environment preparation....

Let's see - what goes next !

Self Start is the spark .. That ignites the engine of progress in the journey of life."

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My Treasure Hunt -2 : Behavior Driven Development

Recently, i read on Behavior driven development (in short, called as BDD) - Its a new style, which is very useful to apply user stories for acceptance tests.

This can minimize the waste and impact the business outcome, this can make direct accessible with customers to testers, developers and domain experts with the goal of producing quality software.

This makes impact to the business process and increase the value.

AgileDox is ancestor of BDD, which is a automation tool for generating technical documentation.

Now, several tools released to build the BDD community such as Cucumber, RSpec etc.

I will write in next posts, how i am started learning this..

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My Journey towards New Treasure Hunt - Part 1

My Drive is full with many ideas and thoughts to work on my skills for my new treasure.

Recently, i re-started (I am programmer at college days) my learning's on different programming languages. 
Old days - when we want to share our code with friends, to improve and work together - we used to share them via mails then shared folders.

Recently, i got to knew about: Gist Github

Gist is an collaboration tool from Git hub - A simple pastebin-style of site, where we can share the code snippets written in different programming languages, text files quickly with others. It also highlights the programming code with markdown.
This Gists are Git hub repositories, they are automatically version-ed and fork-able.

Want to try out: Check - Gist Github

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Software Professionals - Insights for Business development [Part -1]

This is a notes from my learning... I will update frequently.

Most of software professionals (Programmer , Tester, Technologists) while developing a project - think of Bits or Bytes of data storage, CPU Cycles - instructions per second etc.

Apart from project development, we software professionals also need to think of Business development: how the application can impact our Company value, importance of time to market our value, can also help increasing your company's income, improving our relationship with management, increasing our own income.

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JMeter Producing Error: Windows RegCreateKeyEx(...) returned error code 5

After running JMeter.bat on Command Line,

java.util.prefs.WindowsPreferences <init>
WARNING: Could not open/create prefs root node Software\JavaSoft\Prefs
at root 0x80000002. Windows RegCreateKeyEx(...) returned error code 5.
Resolving the problem
The error occurs because java.util.prefs.WindowsPreferences is trying to save information in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs instead of under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs.
Windows 7 64-bit
The work around is to Open JMeter.bat file as the administrator and so it creates the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs.

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User Interface Design - Observations

Recently, I was reading about responsive web design and how to test. It was a new topic, as usual i started learning researching on it for two days. Then i tried taking examples of live websites which are responsive design. Then i saw a new thing, which i dint see ever before.
While web pages are having simple user interfaces with rise of new technologies and standards i saw a customized option.
The user can avoid interface elements if without a clear meaning.
People avoid and often ignore things they cannot understand - that's basic human nature.

Google Example:
If you are using Previously, there used to be a top menus for clear navigation of using Google services. Now, after the latest update, they simplified  the menu options with an icon. Most of the people who are not a technology guys, miss out notifying the icon and its support of  services.

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New "Mission of The Year" 2014

Seeing My GOALS for 2014 ... I thought i should give a word for my Mission to reach my VISION in a good direction.

My "Mission for The Year" 2014 is: 

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