Tab Order not working in Safari Mac OS

I came across a situation while testing on Safari Browser - Mac OS where, On Selection of Tab on the fields - It is not focusing on all fields in the form.

Initially, I thought it is a Bug in the application. But, I thought if there are any settings need to be looked over. As I was new to testing on Mac OS Platform.

Found that Tab Navigation is disabled by default in Mac OS Safari Web Browser and on click on Tab on keyboard, it doesn’t interact with each element on the page.

But there is an option to "Turn ON" - In Safari Browser -> Preferences -> Advanced -> enables tab to all fields in order to enable basic tab navigation.

Hope all customers/users know it, before they raise this as issue.

PS: Does anyone know the reason for having tab navigation turned off in Safari by default?

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  1. Buddhini says:

    Most Mac users don't use the Tab key because Mac users prefer gestures.

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