Stop calling me “QA”...... I am a Tester!

As like every skilled tester, whom I am inspired from, I got a question in my mind

Why do they call us “QA – instead of Tester”?

While I was reading a book, I have read – QA should not be called for Tester.

I am a Tester. I test the code developed by programmers.

Quality Assurance (QA) is not an individual responsibility, doesn't come from only a Tester. Quality is everybody’s business– from BA, developers, project managers, testers and finally it’s a whole organisation – who are responsible to improve the quality of the product and process by introduce methodology and technology that will make efforts more effective– the whole process is verified by Auditors to decide the level of the company and products.

We testers don’t have control over the code written by programmers. We don’t own quality; we are just providing valuable information about state of the product.

We are just assisting / helping others to make a quality product – Quality Assistance.

As my main responsibility is to find the information, bugs, ensuring the code conforms to the requirements gather by the business analysts from stake holders (client). This is also called as Quality Control (QC).

We perform testing for quality control, and not for assuring the quality.

Stop calling me “QA”......  I am a Tester!

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5 Responses to Stop calling me “QA”...... I am a Tester!

  1. kpalaniswamy says:

    What do you mean by them? I test the code developed by programmers? We testers don’t have control over the code written by programmers?

  2. srinivas kadiyala says:

    I mean: Do u have control over the code - to check if they are using best practices while writing it and make them quality?

  3. kpalaniswamy says:

    Does tester check code for good practices? Do you do it at your workplace?

  4. srinivas kadiyala says:

    As i learnt today from twitter...

    @TestPappy Can u explain, how can we get to know: Bad Quality Code - as a tester?

    @srinivasskc that depends on project. I guess a tester in an agile project also makes white box checks.

    @srinivasskc e.g. Code that breaks often. Many new bugs after fixes. Complaints from devs who have to fix code of others. And so on.

  5. pkirkham says:

    Congrats - every test blogger at some stage writes a Testing Is Not QA post :)

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