User Interface Design - Observations

Recently, I was reading about responsive web design and how to test. It was a new topic, as usual i started learning researching on it for two days. Then i tried taking examples of live websites which are responsive design. Then i saw a new thing, which i dint see ever before.
While web pages are having simple user interfaces with rise of new technologies and standards i saw a customized option.
The user can avoid interface elements if without a clear meaning.
People avoid and often ignore things they cannot understand - that's basic human nature.

Google Example:
If you are using Previously, there used to be a top menus for clear navigation of using Google services. Now, after the latest update, they simplified  the menu options with an icon. Most of the people who are not a technology guys, miss out notifying the icon and its support of  services.

In the Responsive design, I encountered another icon 
It looks similar like chrome customized control, I have not observed as i thought it might be a logo of it. But when i explored on click, then i got to know that its a menu bar.
"Why cant we have a Label for to understand - what the button exactly is for?"

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