My Approach to Regression Testing - R3C'sFI

I have done a fair amount of regression testing. And Sometimes I used to think "Oh..Again!"

But I gained knowledge based on the experience - "When to Perform" and "What to Perform" Regression Testing.

When do we do Regression Testing?

  1. Defect Fixes
  2. Performance or Security Issue Fixes on Code
  3. New Features Added 
  4. Optimization of Existing Features 
  5. Any changes in Integration Systems (Example: Payment Gateway System Software Upgraded from Version 1.0 to 2.0)
  6. Server Related Updates (Example: Movement of Application from Hosted Server Systems to Google Cloud)
  7. Software Version Updates (Example: Java Updates or JS Updates)

What to Perform as Regression Testing?
  1. Testing the Recent Code Changes  -- R
  2. Testing the Core functionalities of the Application  -- C
  3. Testing the Customer Specific Features (Example: Which are developed specifically for a customer on top of core functionalities)  -- C
  4. Testing the Configuration Related Features (Example: Verifying the Application is enabled with Email Configurations)  -- C
  5. Testing the frequent issues which were encountered after every deployment or release  --- F
  6. Testing the Integration Features (Example: API Integration with ERP System - Order Placement, Payment Gateway Integration - Credit Card Order Placement)  --- I

I devised a mnemonic: RCCCFI  (R-3C's-FI)

PS: This post is inspired after reading the below posts.

Now, I can remember this, as it is created by me. ☺☺

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