Day 5 - Understanding ADA and Scope


What I Accomplished Today...

Today, I wanted to understand about ADA.

What I Learned Today...

Since July 26 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has transformed American Society. 

It created a legal structure to allow people with disabilities to have the same opportunities as everyone.

  • Employment opportunities
  • Public accommodation
  • Purchase of goods and services
  • Participate in local and state government programs
  • Telecommunications.

Scope of ADA:

·        ADA Covers the physical accessibility of public buildings, schools and public services.

·        ADA Also covers polling places for voting or medical care, as well as places of public accommodations.

·        ADA also prohibits discrimination in employment including the hiring practices of private sector businesses.

·        ADA importantly also covers the websites of public accommodations and state and local governments. This includes online shopping, booking a hotel room, ordering online food as well as access to online programs and services - Accessible Design.

Failure to comply with the ADA, including the ADA Accessible Design law, may result in the non-complying business incurring hefty penalties imposed by the government.

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