Day 2 - Understanding Accessibility Fundamentals

And here it goes with my day 2.

What I Accomplished Today...

Today, I listened to the meetup recording on Accessibility Fundamentals by Rob Dodson.

What I Learned Today...

In this session, Rob Dodson discussed the fundamentals to get started.

What is Accessibility? 

From an engineering perspective, Giving users with disabilities or impairments an alternative way to access the content.

Different Laws on Accessibility:

In US, Section 508, Americans Disability Act.

How does chrome under the hood communicate with the screen reader?

HTML → DOM → Accessibility Tree.

HTML Elements: Native and Custom Elements.
Viewing Accessibility Properties for HTML Elements using Developer Tools.

Adding WAI-ARIA attribute for custom elements:

Web Accessibility Initiative - Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) Specification adds the ability to modify and enhance the semantic meaning of elements in the DOM.

HTML → DOM → ARIA → Accessibility Tree.



Youtube Series on Web Accessibility -

Udacity Course on Web Accessibility by Google:

Accessibility Fundamentals:

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