Day 1 - My Journey to learn about web accessibility testing.

 Hi Again, my friends! 😊

Thanks for coming here! I'm here to learn web accessibility at a greater depth, I was having an understanding of web accessibility at the surface level till now.

Along the way, I would like to share with you what I learn each day.

My Journey begins today.

As it is a weekend day, It was harder to make time aside for self-study. Though, I did it spending roughly 1.5 hours.

What I Accomplished Today...

Today, I listened to the meetup recording on Accessibility - Breaking Into the Digital Accessibility Profession by Louise Clark.

What I Learned Today...

In this session, Louise Clark discussed different resources to get started with accessibility testing (Edx - Introduction to Web Accessibility), certifications (IAAP, Trusted Tester), books to read, movies to watch, communities, and different job roles.

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