Share what skills a team needs to succeed with API testing.

Yet Another Challenge! Ministry of Testing got us 30 days Testing Challenge.

This time topic is on API Testing.

It has been long time I have worked on API Testing, after learning from API Testing Dojo (year 2015).

12th Challenge: Share what skills a team needs to succeed with API testing.

While I have started learning about APIs and API Testing, while working at Unilog.

Below are the skills a Team/Team Members needs to have to succeed with API Testing.

  • Have Curiosity to Learn and Research.
  • Able to understand Business Requirements with Functional Requirements
  • Able to Collaborate and Communicate with Developers
  • Able to Read the API Documentation if readily available (or) Find them Online.
  • Testing Skills and Mindset how to Test with various conditions (rationally/logically).
  • Able to Plan the testing activity and Inform the relevant stakeholders (internal/external) about how the testing will be approached and Ask for feedback.
  • Have knowledge on SQL and Able to perform Queries (simple) to validate the information.
  • Have knowledge on How HTTP Works.
  • Have Knowledge about JSON and XML. (Basics)
  • Have Knowledge on REST vs SOAP. and Find out what APIs we are going to Test. 
  • Have Knowledge on API Testing Tools. Example - SOAP UI, POSTMAN, SWAGGER
  • Ablility to decide what tools we could use for API Testing.
  • Have Knowledge to use Web Developer Tools.
  • Additional: Have Knowledge on Fiddler, Charles, Fiddler.
  • From Danny Dainton: We should have Knowledge on Scripting. (Javascript) for Writing Tests on Postman.
  • From Yogitha (Ex-Colleague in Unilog): We should have knowledge on Groovy Scripts.
  • Having Knowledge about API Security. Security of APIs is essential.
  • Mentoring/Teaching the team/stakeholders on How the testing has been performed. (Remember: Not everyone will be able to know How testing is done)
  • Bonus: Be Open to Read/Learn about APIs Online/Books and how others are performing API Testing.

There are many things which I need to learn from the above list mentioned.

Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there.

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