Share your favourite API testing tools and why.

Yet Another Challenge! Ministry of Testing got us 30 days Testing Challenge.

This time topic is on API Testing.

It has been long time I have worked on API Testing, after learning from API Testing Dojo (year 2015).

10th Challenge is Share your favourite API testing tools and why.

In this blogpost, I have written about Tools that I have used and My Favorite API Testing Tools.

When I started my career at Unilog, We had Internally Developed tool "EclipseTest" to make requests for Epicor Eclipse ERP. That was the starting point for me to learn about APIs.

Then I had worked on SOAP Webservices which interacts with Infor SX.E ERP.
Here, I had been introduced to SOAP UI.

SOAPUI Tool: 👍
I have used Open Source version. It was very useful in testing the SOAP Webservices.

Then I had worked on REST APIs as part of Product Development.
Here, I had tried multiple tools while learning through online tutorials to find out which would help me in doing my tasks.

Advanced REST client:  (Chrome App)
Note: Now, This application is deprecated by Google.

POSTMAN REST Client: (Chrome App)

It is very useful tool and It has lots of features inbuilt.
  • It's Simple GUI and Features such as Saving the API Calls in a collections.
  • History of API Requests made.
  • Sharing the API Requests or Collections to Team Members.
  • You can sign into Postman and All Collections are saved in the Cloud.

POSTMAN: (Native App) 👍

Recently, Postman Team encourages to use Native App than Chrome App.


I need to learn more about Postman Tool.

Chrome Web Developer - Network Tab 👍
This was very helpful in testing and knowing about the API Calls used on the web application.

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