What is Exploratory Testing

New Goal in My Learning University:  Boost Your Testing Super Powers to Exploratory Testing.

My Learning Notes -  Day 01: What is Exploratory Testing?

What is Exploratory Testing?

Exploratory Testing is an approach to Software Testing. It is sometimes more productive than Scripted Testing.
We at least unconsciously perform exploratory testing.

How do we perform Exploratory Testing?
In Exploratory Testing, We test design and test execution at the same time. Not defined in Advance.
In Scripted Testing, We predefined procedures (Manual / Automated).

Exploratory Testing != Adhoc Testing
Exploratory Testing is done in a specific way to verify specific facts. Exploratory Testing is a structured Process.
Whereas Adhoc Testing is not done in a specific way nor to verify specific facts. Adhoc Testing is unstructured Process.

Term “Exploratory Testing” is coined by Cem Kaner in Testing Computer Software as Thoughtful approach to Adhoc-Testing.

Balance Exploratory Testing and Scripted Testing.

Most of the time next test we do, will be influenced based on previous test result. Here, We are doing Exploratory Testing by incorporating test ideas into tests.
We take scripted testing approach, when we are not sure how do we need to test.

My Approach of Testing:

  • Learn about the Story (Epic/Bug/User Story)
  • If there are any technical concepts: Spend time learning about the Technical Details, write personal notes, ask developers if any questions.
  • If there are topics related to Product: Learn about the Product from the documentation available, write personal notes, ask developers if any questions.
  • Then preparing my test ideas and review with the developer to check if my approach is correct or any details needs to be added.
  • Then Exploring the product and test accordingly. 
  • Then writing the testing notes / report.
  • Then write the scripted tests to use it in future (or) others to refer.

When we do Exploratory Testing?
Exploratory Testing is useful in situations where we need to perform complex testing and little is known on the product.
Exploratory Testing is performed when we want to go beyond the obvious.

Reference: http://www.satisfice.com/articles/what_is_et.shtml

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