Daily Learning - Day 36

Date: 22th March 2017

Below are the topics i learnt today..

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Topic 1: HTML Fundamentals - HTML Links

Today's learning is about:
  1. Link Targets
  2. Linking Attributes based on Named Targets
  3. Linking Attributes based on ID
  4. Linking Targets with absolute url and relative url
  5. Title attribute can be used to display as "Mouse Hover Text"
  6. Other attributes for Linking: Language=en, Content-Type=text/html,Relationship=prev.


<p> See the <a href="#Terminology">terminilogy</a> section below for more details </p>

<a title="technical terms">

<h3 id="Terminology"> Terminology</h3>

<li> <a href="./Content/TextElements.html#deepLink"> Text Elements  </a> </li>

<a name="DeepLink" title="Deep Link">
<h1 id="deepLink">Deep Link</h1>


Lesson Learnt:

Always copy and paste the code in Validator and check for errors.

Topic 2: Security Vulnerability Disclosures

CVE-2017-5638: New Remote Code Execution (RCE) Vulnerability in Apache Struts 2 

See more at


CVE-2014-0050: Apache Tomcat vulnerable to Denial of service attack


PS: Follow the Progress over here on Skills

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