Zombie art secretly hidden in Android Gingerbread

As I am using Android 2.3.6 mobile, I was (am still) trying out where to find the developer options in the mobile.
As, I saw they said: In Jelly Beans android version 4, Its hidden and its open after clicking the build version fastly for seven times.

As I couldnt find : Name as Build version.
I thought it could be Android Version.

So here is the trick to find the Zombie art.

On your Android phone
1. Settings
2. About phone
3  Press Android version over add over as fast as you can..

Magic ! Zombie art appears

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  1. The same applies on all the version of Android starting from (2.3x) and above. It's wonderful piece of creativity. Wait for Kikat (4.4) too. Check this website (http://www.android.com/kitkat/) you would like this too.

  2. The Geeks says:

    hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)

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