Problem with - Opera 17 : Solved

Four days back... When i got the Google - Security Page : To set up new privileges. (2-way verification)

I have seen a website: - This is of Google, to check which browser are we using and do the browser has latest updates.

So, Just i tried to see in all browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera)

Here, the problem:  I am having Opera 17 (Latest version) and opened the website URL.

I surprisingly found, its showing as Chrome 30. Then immediately i asked other testers in my network - do they have opera browser.

One of the tester ( Anshul Jain , Indore) - has replied he has Opera 13. Then i asked him, to open the website. But for him, it was showing Opera 13 as a result. 
Then i asked him to install the latest one i.e Opera 17.
When he tried the same step: To him, Now - It showed as Chrome 30. 
So, i have referred through the site any web mail, to send about this issue. And i have sent the email as:

As just to check - have they done any changes w.r.t the mail, Today i have rechecked the same on the Opera 17. 

Thanks to - Google Team, for solving this issue.

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