Tester’s Revolution: Part 1 – Is Software Testing a Thankless Job?

It has been noticed from many people in the IT field, who works in Testing and QA as career, feel software testing is in general, one of the less appreciated jobs even though they really make effort to produce quality product.

As the Title says:
Is Software Testing a Thankless Job?

Certainly, it’s not same everywhere. But, it largely depends on the perspective, company and many other factors.

Traits for Thankless job: Missed Bug
Even before we test, when things go wrong – People all blame: “Tester! You haven’t tested this”.  
if any defect appears in the production, the testing team has to hear something like: “Tester! Why didn't you see that bug?” 

“According to Brian Marick, a software testing specialist from US has written a post on Classic Mistakes people make thinking on Testing.

You can refer:  Classic Testing Mistakes

But when things go right, we (testers) hardly get any credit.
And most of the time credits to programming team, because they have coded the project.

“Developers hate Testers because they point out the bugs in the software every time”

Do actually there is any perfect application?
Answer: No, there will always be a few bugs lying around it.
And it’s not fault of the Testing / QA team.

And Because of this: “People see Testing as less reputed job where as Programming as good job”
If you search in Google for “Which is the best testing or development?”
You see about 418,000,000 results.

But in fact, “Testing and Programming require different mind-sets.”

…... (Will be continued in part-2)

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