My 1 year Life Adventure (Feb 2012 - Feb 2013)

February: This month has special things in my life.

I am not talking about my Love Story / Lover / Girl Friends.
As the month is of “Valentine’s Day”.
Although, I have lots of Love at my heart .. No Lover.

Here are my insights from my life:

On 27th February 2012: I have got to know that I got my first job at ITC Infotech India Ltd.

Thanks to the people who have helped me in showing career path and I will always be thankful for them throughout my life.

It was one of best day ever, I will never forget in my life.

On 29th February 2012: It is my first time to come to Bangalore and most importantly it was my first day at Office.

For an Effect, This is the first time in my life to live away from home.

During "February 2012 - February 2013", as it was my first time out of my home town, I had health tensions and job tensions.

After few months, I have been allocated with two projects:
I have done my best in testing in making the projects successful and still learning and looking forward to move ahead in improving my career.

I had my first trip with my friends (My colleagues) on November, 2012.
The slogan was “Go…GOA
It was an awesome trip in a good weather.

I registered for “Power Searching with Google” and “Advanced Power Searching with Google” – a free course by Google. It was a good learning about the techniques.

Again in this "February 2013":

I started exploring more about testing following testing blogs on Google Reader and Twitter.

Giving Feedback and thanks to the blogs, which helped me in learning new things.

I started Reading Testing Book: “Lessons Learned in Software Testing” at least page per day.

I started reading Testing Magazines. Learning from professional testers across the world.

Getting in touch with professional testers via Skype, twitter and Facebook.

As I was travelling a lot, I couldn’t get time to attend “Weekend Testing”.
But still, I am reading the transcripts from the course.

And I Started re-writing articles on my blog on testing:

I also started participated in crowd testing contests.
This is first time in my career, whereas: “I am lone tester at my work place”

The first testing contest was on: Marble Mobility Cloud Platform

I was awarded “7th Prize in this contest”.

I got to know – how to participate in crowd testing and learn from peers.

Then after few days, I had got a chance to participate again.

The second testing contest was on: Cross-browser testing solution

I was awarded “1st Prize in this contest”

There was very high competition across the world. But learnt more about the tool as I was testing deeply.

Again, I had a chance to contest “OLX - Mobile” Mobile based application.

I have never tested any mobile application.

I was awarded “8th Prize in this contest”

It was my first time to participate in mobile testing contests.

I was learning and trying out my best and seeing how others will test it.

And Last But Not the least….

“I am a Passionate Tester. Learning Never Ends in my Life”

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Quote of the day:

“Never let the sense of past failure defeat your next step.” -Oswald Chambers

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