A Journey for Life | The Journey Begins.. (Part 1)

It’s a Sunday – Fun Day; many people think to enjoy their life – hangouts with their friends, Shopping, Going for Movies and so on.
Hang on for five mins..!!!

Here I will share you something interesting to you…

1)    Whenever you meet someone you say: “Good Morning”.
 Have you heard about someone saying: “Good Museum Day Morning”...?
Think about: What is “Museum Day”.
If you have no thoughts hold on for a second…

2)    “Do you know how long most people’s lives last?”
Many people say: “It may be 75-80 years”.
Now the interesting part begins...
“Statistically, the average human lives around 28,200 days”
It’s surprising as we really never thought of it in days before.
“We seem shorter in life, when you think in days versus years.”

3)    Now have you ever been to historical museum?
We see the halls with old photos of people at work, family photos or some with their friends describing the history, stories of what they have done and events occurred etc.
Have you ever thought, if every day of our life is catalogued – what we felt, the people we saw, and how we spent our time? And at the end of our life a museum is built which shows exactly how we lived our life.

4)    Now think, if we spent most of our time at a job we didn’t like?
The most of the museum would be dedicated to show us unhappily spending our time at a job we didn’t like.

If we were living happy and friendly with others, the museum would show it. But if we are angry and upset or yelled, we interacted, the museum would show it.

“Imagine if you like walking through that museum towards the end of our life to look the pictures, view the videos, listen to audio clips which you have spent time. “

How do you feel?

 Every person who walked through it would know us exactly as we truly were.

Our legacy is not based on how we dreamed of living, but how we actually lived our lives.

“Imagine about the life after we die (heaven / hell) – it actually consists of us being the eternal tour guide for our own museum”

(Will be continued  ...)

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Quote of the day:
“What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.” -Donald Trump

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