Finding and Learning about the Problem ...

Thanks to Ravi Suriya (Blog | Twitter) and Jyothi Rangaiah (Blog | Twitter) .. we teamed out, to find the actual cause.

Few things - I thought before we started:

1. Might be: As i am using Wordpress template on Blogger
2. Might be: Avatar image problem
3. Might be: Template Problem
4  Might be "Google API Configuration problem with Blogger" (as in previous post)

Then we started seeing the problem:
1. Browser : Chrome 
2. Operating System : Windows 8 : 64- Bit
3. Resolution of the System: 1366 * 768

Then we started exploring the page using the Inspect Element property.
We found image/photo of the blogger getting enlarged on the comment container.

"What is an Oracle? --- Course of finding a problem..."

"What is a Heuristic? -- A fallible way of solving a problem"
Here, the Oracle: The blogger image is getting enlarged on the comment container and hiding the comments.

Here, the Heuristic: We started with combinatorial testing on Comment Image properties on CSS Styles.
We changed the values of height, max-width, width using pixels and Percentages.
Finally, We Fixed the Problem. with Learning's: Oracles, Heuristics, Practice CSS, Testing, Exploration skills to solve and Imaginations.

First we did on the Browser end to see the changes are same what we wanted as a solution.

Then i took the backup of the template, before implementing changes to Blogger template.

Things we done: WeekNight Testing and Combinatorial Testing...

---- Mistakes always are stepping stones to Learning's --- 

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