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Testing Week Night Session : Forgot Password

Inspiration from "What If" book from Ajay Balamurugadas - "Practice testing" with Friends

We started as an attempt, to Learn and Share our learning's.

Charter/Mission:  Forgot Password


Date: 29th October 2013


Dwarika Dhish Mishra

Ritika Gulati

Srinivas Kadiyala 

Session Time
: 9.30 p.m to 10.45 p.m  (45 minutes session)

Chat Script:  Download for transcript

Lessons:  website -- One Down? and  Reset Password is still insecure

Security Testing Checklist by Santhosh Tuppad

Next Session:

Date: 30th October 2013

Mission: Exploratory Testing

Product: Zoom It

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Problem with - Opera 17 : Solved

Four days back... When i got the Google - Security Page : To set up new privileges. (2-way verification)

I have seen a website: - This is of Google, to check which browser are we using and do the browser has latest updates.

So, Just i tried to see in all browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera)

Here, the problem:  I am having Opera 17 (Latest version) and opened the website URL.

I surprisingly found, its showing as Chrome 30. Then immediately i asked other testers in my network - do they have opera browser.

One of the tester ( Anshul Jain , Indore) - has replied he has Opera 13. Then i asked him, to open the website. But for him, it was showing Opera 13 as a result. 
Then i asked him to install the latest one i.e Opera 17.
When he tried the same step: To him, Now - It showed as Chrome 30. 
So, i have referred through the site any web mail, to send about this issue. And i have sent the email as:

As just to check - have they done any changes w.r.t the mail, Today i have rechecked the same on the Opera 17. 

Thanks to - Google Team, for solving this issue.

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Finding and Learning about the Problem ...

Thanks to Ravi Suriya (Blog | Twitter) and Jyothi Rangaiah (Blog | Twitter) .. we teamed out, to find the actual cause.

Few things - I thought before we started:

1. Might be: As i am using Wordpress template on Blogger
2. Might be: Avatar image problem
3. Might be: Template Problem
4  Might be "Google API Configuration problem with Blogger" (as in previous post)

Then we started seeing the problem:
1. Browser : Chrome 
2. Operating System : Windows 8 : 64- Bit
3. Resolution of the System: 1366 * 768

Then we started exploring the page using the Inspect Element property.
We found image/photo of the blogger getting enlarged on the comment container.

"What is an Oracle? --- Course of finding a problem..."

"What is a Heuristic? -- A fallible way of solving a problem"
Here, the Oracle: The blogger image is getting enlarged on the comment container and hiding the comments.

Here, the Heuristic: We started with combinatorial testing on Comment Image properties on CSS Styles.
We changed the values of height, max-width, width using pixels and Percentages.
Finally, We Fixed the Problem. with Learning's: Oracles, Heuristics, Practice CSS, Testing, Exploration skills to solve and Imaginations.

First we did on the Browser end to see the changes are same what we wanted as a solution.

Then i took the backup of the template, before implementing changes to Blogger template.

Things we done: WeekNight Testing and Combinatorial Testing...

---- Mistakes always are stepping stones to Learning's --- 

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Blogger - Google API Configuration : Problem ?

Recently i wrote a post on "Zombie art secretly hidden in Android Gingerbread".. 

For the post, Abhilash hari  (Blog | Twitter) , has posted a comment.

As my comments are moderated and then posted on the blog on approval instead of letting spammers free.

Abhilash has posted a comment to my post and It appeared fine in the mail.

But, to my surprise : when i looked in the Blogpost. 

The comment looks like this.

I pinged Abhilash hari immediately, to ask him any reason behind it.

I got to know from him as : "It might be a problem with Google Configuration with Blogger". But said, to find out the answer..

Any solution to it ?

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Zombie art secretly hidden in Android Gingerbread

As I am using Android 2.3.6 mobile, I was (am still) trying out where to find the developer options in the mobile.
As, I saw they said: In Jelly Beans android version 4, Its hidden and its open after clicking the build version fastly for seven times.

As I couldnt find : Name as Build version.
I thought it could be Android Version.

So here is the trick to find the Zombie art.

On your Android phone
1. Settings
2. About phone
3  Press Android version over add over as fast as you can..

Magic ! Zombie art appears

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STICK for Testers : Excel - UNDO Shortcuts

Many of Testers start begin career using Excel and most of the time for writing Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Scenarios, Bug Reporting, Test Report Summary.

Many times, we do write wrong/mistakes/want to change in the Excel sheet and we perform "UNDO" action on the cell.

Here is the Trick & Tips for UNDO:
  • Go to "Quick Access Toolbar" and press Left Arrow
  • Famous "CTRL+Z"   (Press 'Control' and 'Z' letter)

    Third : Which is rarely used....  "ALT + Backspace"
* Try out Yourself and Start your day with a cool tip.

Credits to Vinod Kumar, Microsoft - Had an opportunity to research and learn on this.

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KIES for iPad Testing - Part 1 [Updated]

Today first time I got a chance to work on Mobile Application Testing. 

I have never seen/worked on the iPad...Sad that I never explored any application.
But thought let me go through some resources before I just explore the application which I get.

Thanks to Gergely Brautigam (United Kingdom), for pointing me to excellent resources. 

Although I took one node of the branch, And Testing Mobile Applications is interesting.

Testing iPad App - Crash course: 
Apple iPad is leading the tablet revolution. Many companies now creating thousands of applications for iPad and they are now looking for skilled testers to test those applications run smoothly. As per research, 40% of retail online activity comes from tablets to buy products.

Here are the KIES (Keep it Easy and Simple)
1.     Identify the Model of iPad Device.
2.     Check the iPad Settings
3.     Install the iPad App on the device  (will be posted later)
4.     Testing Techniques on iPad

Identify the Model of iPad Device:
Turn around the iPad device, there you see a logo "iPad".
Underneath, you will see a rectangular box with storage detail. (16 GB)
Below that you will observe Model number , which starts with "A" Letter and followed by 4 digits.

Check the iPad Settings:
I was surprised to see many settings in iPad. Click on the settings icon.
Now we will check few options in iPad.

·         Settings -> General -> About
This gives basic information about iPad.
·         Settings -> Mails, Contacts, Calendar
Set up Email address in settings for the iPad.

Testing Techniques on iPad:
a)     After iPad app is install – verify each screen with Portrait and Landscape.
As design appears differently and leads to problems.

b)     Take the screenshots of errors, you see on the iPad Screen.
Hold the Home Button and tap the power button on top right hand corner. The screen flashes with a sound like a camera taking a photo.
These Screenshots will be stored in Photos Section in iPad and can be shared and sent via email specified in the settings.

Mind Map

Hold on....This post will be updated as i learn more about Mobile Testing ... !!

"Formal Education will make you living..Self Education will make you a fortune"

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Testing Book of the Month : September

Agile Impressions

Author:     Gerald M. Weinberg
Formats:    PDF , EPUB , MOBI
Published:     September, 2013

About the Author:
Gerald Weinberg has been called "Grandfather of Agile Programming".

About the Book:
In this book, he offers his observations and advice for all readers who want to learn and grow up to be successful Agilists.


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