What's done in the month of Mar-Apr 2017

This is second post in Series "What's done in the Month".There were few up's and down's in life (as usual) , But i have managed to learn what was planned & Unplanned.
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I contacted a person to mentor me and help in my study plan. Thankfully, he agreed and there were hours of discussions.
This time I wanted to be faithful and trust his time. I learnt this is more important for a Mentee - Mentor relationship.
To Start with, I have started using "Time Tracker - Toggl" (April 1 - April 28)
"Without learning, the wise become foolish; by learning, the foolish become wise."

Self-Paced Course 1: HTML Fundamentals

I did this course on PluralSight in the Month of April 2017. The Course was done to learn HTML, so i can use it in my future learning plans.

Self-Paced Course 2: What Every Developer Must Know About HTTPS

Again, This was the recent course by Troy Hunt on PluralSight. I am interested to learn different aspects of web application. Security is one area.

Self-Paid Workshop: "Web Performance Engineering from an end user perspective" - Part 1.

Keep up the fight, keep your dreams and hopes alive Because "Failure is not an option"!!

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