Daily Learning - Day 43

Date: 16th May 2017

Topic: Accessibility Testing - Day 02

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Taking part of #60DaysofTesting – Accessibility Testing, started with each topic to explore and learn.

Below are the topics I learnt today...
  • Finding out different accessibility testing tools, which can assist in testing.
  • Wave tool targets for one page at a time.
  • Chrome extensions : Deque Systems – aXe

  • aXe – provides similar information, what wave provided with more info.
Ø  Issue Type
Ø  User Impact
Ø  Disabilities Affected
Ø  Rules
Ø  How to Fix
Ø  Success Criteria
Ø  What to avoid in design implementation


Use the aXe Tool and Go to your project/website and see what problems are discovered and Read details of More info, to understand each problem.

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