Daily Learning - Day 41

Date: 14th May 2017

Topic: Accessibility Testing - Day 01

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·    As I am taking part of #60DaysofTesting – Accessibility Testing
 Program, started with each topic to explore and learn.

·    This is very new field and I have never participated in my testing career. I am taking help from most of the resources available to learn.

·    But Yes, I read Accessibility testing is very important in United States, especially for Government websites. 

·    If the websites does not follow the guidelines and build a website, they may get sued from law-suit.

Why Learning about Accessibility Testing?
n  Simple Reason, WEB IS FOR EVERYONE.

n  Another, There is one project at work where it needs to meet W3C Accessibility Guidelines. So, I can try out when I get time.

Below are the topics I learnt today...
  • Different diversity of Disabilities
  • Types of People : Normative and Non-Normative (calling instead of Disability People)
  • As due to age, even a normative person can become Non-Normative.

  • Tools Used: WAVE - http://wave.webaim.org/ to scan a web page for accessibility problems.
  • Understanding the problems, what actually they mean.
  • There are few common problems in all projects
  • Example: Not Adding Alternative text for a "Non-Textual Element" such as Images. (alt="disability types")
  • Example: HTML language attribute tag needs to be there for a web page. (Lang = "en")

Use the WAVE Tool and Go to your project/website and see what the problems are discovered.

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