My Experience Attending "How to Build High Performing Teams?" - Workshop On How to be a Good Manager.

I have attended the workshop on "How to Build High Performing Teams?" - How to Be a Good Manager on 16th May 2020.

This is the first time, this workshop has been conducted and on online.

I thank personally Ajay for conducting this workshop and Clavent for Organizing this Event.

In this workshop, the attendees are from different experience levels.

Attendees with Years of Experience:

Madhu Thota   22

Anup xx

Sandeep Garg  15

Ajay B              14

Geosley          13

Badhrudheen  13

RaviSuriya xx

Srinivas              8

This workshop is unique, as it has Labs along with the Contents.

All Attendees in the workshop participated in the Labs.

The Teams and Manager Questions were discussed in Three Different Workshop Labs.

These Labs benefited the attendees as we all could learn new things.

Interesting -- Role Play:
Role Play is between manager and team members.
Its been a while, I participated in Role Play. This Role Play was unique as it is with other attendees whom I dont know. 

Managing Team Members is difficult but not Impossible.

Lessons Learned:
  1. If you are not having 1-1 with your reportes, You wont get to know them Well.
  2. Have regular catchups with Team Members and 1-1 with Team Members
  3. 3P's are important
    • People
    • Process
    • Purpose
  4. Appreciate in Public and Criticize in Private.
  5. Appraisals:
    • Give Feedback on the Action vs Give Feedback on Person - As Early as Possible.
    • Find different ways to provide appraisals.
    • Have Goals and Expectations written in Writing.
    • How team members/managers should plan for appraisal meetings.
  6. Types of Managers and What language the Successful Managers should have?
  7. Write Appreciation Letter to the Team Members.
    • Be Specific With the reference point on the Action.
  8. Find how trustworthy are your team members?

  1. 8 Habits to help become the Best Manager Ever.
  2. 20 Things a Manager Supposed to do.
  3. How to Plan 1-1 with Clients, Team Members, Individuals.

Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do. Give them freedom to make mistakes and Let them surprise you with their results.

I would recommend this workshop to every manager (First/Experienced) to attend and become a Good Manager.

Books To Read:
  • The One Minute Manager - Link
  • Ask a Manager - Link


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