Java Fundamentals

“When we compare ourselves to others, we reject ourselves. In the moment, we’re defined by that breadth of comparison rather than the extraordinary uniqueness that makes us who we are.”.

Subject: Java Fundamentals

    1. Primitive Data Types for Variables
      • Integer
      • Floating
      • Character
      • Boolean
    2. Data Types - Size in Bits - Min Value - Max Value - Literal Format
    3. Integer Types:
      • long type: uses literal formal 'L'
    4. Floating Types:
      • float type: uses literal format 'f'
      • double type: uses literal format 'd'
    5. Character Types:
      • Literal values are stored in single quotes.
      • Also stores unicode characters.
    6. Boolean Types:
      • Stores either True or False
    7. Primitive Data Types are stored by Value.

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